Acne Treatment for Severe Acne in Teens and Adults

Acne Treatment for Severe Acne in Teens and Adults

You’ll receive 4 all natural products that will last you for 3 months with visible results within the 1st week.


Our Package includes:

Dermal Gel Cleanser 

Deep Cleansing soapless face wash with foaming properties. Ideal to normalize
oily areas, also effective to remove makeup. PH balanced without damaging the acid mantle.

Pore Minimising Camphor Mask

This product works in on rough texture skin, oily skin, enlarged pores
and skin inflammation.
The white creamy rich mask with a strong camphor smell will invigorate your senses. With the presence
of volcanic ash blood, circulation will increase and pores will tighten. Oily skin will balance out and
control Sebum production with regular use of this revolutionary product. It has a natural exfoliating
effect, yet contains no AHA’s or acids. Soothing and healing on skin inflammation caused by breakouts

Lipo Balancing Gel

Regulates Oil Production and prevents Bacteria from Developing.
Repairs the water balance of the skin. Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Supply extra moisture.
Use Only on oily areas Slow down water evaporation, protect skin against free radicals, Sebo –
regulating and prevent bacteria from developing.

Clarifying Serum

Disinfect/ prevents spreading of pimples
Dries out pimples and prevents spreading. Contains no peroxide and is anti-inflammatory.



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